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Hello, 你好, 안녕하세요, こんにちは!~ ≥^.^≤

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♥Shopping Date with Shu Yun at Bugis Street! ^^
written on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 @ 11:30 PM ∞

I really had fun and enjoyed shopping with Shu Yun! ^^ Meet up soon again! :) Yesterday, we first meet up with Shuyun at TPY. I need to go mediacorp to collect my 96°C Café exclusive white shirt with artistes autographs that I have redeemed it from Meclub about 5 days ago. I have used 1300 points. Last time, they have the portable charger but now don't have lerh. When I check it all fully redeemed lerh. It kinda wasted. T_T After we collected, we went back to TPY and took bus 143 to Tang Plaza after that walk to Lucky Plaza and took bus 7 or 175 to Bugis Street. Before we want to shop, we went to Burger King for lunch and we also chit chatting while we're busy eating. HAHA! At Bugis Street, I bought 1 lepoard print belt that which cost me $6, 1 blue jean long sleeve shirt that which cost me $10 original price is $15 (that aunty said $15 no one buy then now $10 so many people buy. *LOL*!) and 1 eagle printed long sleeve shirt that cost me $10 also. After we shop at bugis, we bought sausage with roti prata which cost me $1.80. It really very nice to eat. =P My friend bought quite a lot of shirts and 1 dress. Next monday, I going to bugis again with my other friend. Need to buy present for my upcoming friend birthday and ROM. I can't wait to shop again and also my friend celebration at Pasir Ris. :D

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