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Hello, 你好, 안녕하세요, こんにちは!~ ≥^.^≤

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♥19.07.2015 - Sayonara feat. SpeXial MV - 浜崎あゆみ (Ayumi Hamasaki)
written on Thursday, July 23, 2015 @ 3:12 AM ∞

I have been waiting for so long and finally is OUT! Super Awesome! I really love this song! Keep repeating this song "Sayonara feat. SpeXial" by 浜崎あゆみ (Ayumi Hamasaki) don't know how many times...and this song is already now top new release and hot charts @ KKBOX only a few days after have pre-released! Those who haven't listen it yet do download and listen it now @ KKBOX! :DDD

PS: I actually don't really listen to J-pop but after I had listened this song, I fall in love with J-pop! :x

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INFINITE 5th Mini Album [Reality] - "BAD" MV
written on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 @ 1:30 PM ∞

Hello, I'm back! I've been waiting for so long and finally Infinite released new album! :D I really love this song! So catchy! AWESOME! I heard that they will having their world tour soon. Infinite OT7 Daebak! Infinite JJang! ^^

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♥13.06.2015 - SpeXial Love Killah Singapore Fanmeet at JStage @ JCube! :DDD
written on Friday, June 26, 2015 @ 3:30 PM ∞

Hello, I’m back to update my blog. I'm a bit lazy to update my blog. =.=
All the videos quite blur but photos still not that bad.
I really don’t like my current lousy camera.

I've been waiting for so long and I finally get to meet SPEXIAL in real life…
super happy!!! :DDDDDDDDD
Seriously, I can’t forget what have happened on that day 13th June 2015 –
SpeXial Love Killah Singapore Fanmeet.
Their performances on that day seriously SUPER AWESOME!!! :x

Uploaded by xiaoying_kpop (ME)
Do subscribe me!!! :D

Uploaded by NewsKaki

The games part was super funny. I really have enjoyed the fan meet.
It’s really quite sad during the lucky draws; all the colors that have picked
were all orange colors...No green, blue or black colors. Sigh! NO luck at all. :(

I still can’t believe that I able to meet all the 8 members so up-close during the
VIP photo taking session. I able to shake 6 members hand right after we have took
the photo. Although I can’t stand in front of 辰翔 (Simon) as I bet quite numbers of fans
want to stand in font of him but I was still happy that I stood in front of 风田 (Win). :)))
When I get to shake hand with 辰翔 (Simon), I called his name while shake his hand and he smiled at me. OMG! *_* When I want to shake hand with Teddy and Ian, that security guard pushed me away. I’m not going to eat them up or what why every security guard always like that?! Seriously, I really don’t understand. ARGH! I have paid money just want to meet them and I can’t get to shake hand with Teddy and Ian. T_T But both of them still smile at me when I want to go down the stage! :DDDD *Killing smile*

It’s my turn to go up on the stage to get autograph poster and album by each member.
I’m so happy that able to shake all the members hand. Just a few seconds glance of each member...
Memorable day!!! I really don’t know what to say to them so my head inside very blank!~ =.=


我微笑着说辛苦了。易恩只有微笑没说什么。*握手* =]
我微笑着说辛苦了。小熊微笑着说谢谢和不会。*握手* =''']]]
我微笑着说辛苦了。宏正微笑着说谢谢,你也辛苦了。*握手* =]]
辰翔:微笑着说谢谢。*握手* =]]]
我微笑着说辛苦了。伟晋微笑着说辛苦了。*握手* =]]]
我微笑着说辛苦了。Evan只有微笑没说什么。*握手* =]
我微笑着说辛苦了。Riley微笑着说辛苦了。*握手* =]]]
我微笑着说加油。风田微笑着说谢谢。*握手* =]]]

Uploaded by Golden Media

After the autograph session, Jermaine Sis and I took taxi straight down to mediacorp for Sheng Siong Show to see SpeXial Live performance. After the live show, SpeXial came out to take a group photo and waved to all the fans. Teddy was not feeling well after the performance! :'(
Please do take care of yourself and get well soon! I really hope that they can come back to Singapore real soon. Please faster come back again. I will wait for you all to come again. I MISS AND LOVE SPEXIAL! ;D
PS: 希望SPEXIAL赶快再会来新加坡。别让新加坡特使等太久哦!我很期待八月SPEXIAL的写真书。快快来新加坡做宣传吧!我相信很多粉丝都要~我也很期待 Sayonara feat. SpeXial -Ayumi Hamasaki,还有好期待终极系列戏剧。^^

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♥22.04.2015 - Have a lunch and dinner with my best friend! ^^
written on Saturday, April 25, 2015 @ 2:30 PM ∞

I and my friend went to Korean Grill BBQ Restaurant Daessiksin at Orchard gateway for our lunch. This is my first time try out the foods at there. The price is also quite reasonable $14.90++ and free flow of drink! :D
We ate a lot of foods. Chicken bulgogi, pork marinated rib, pork belly, spicy chicken collar, bacon, Kimchi, Kimchi pancake, jap chae, potato crisp, Kimchi & seaweed soup, pickled radishes, Tteokbokki and many more…
I ate until so full that I can’t even walk…too full already! I love the environment. One thing that I like is that when we bbq the foods we don’t have any bbq smell because every table there have fume pipes which can suck the bbq smoke which won’t make our hair and shirt have a bad smell.

After our lunch at BBQ Korean buffet Daessiksin orchard gateway, we went to UE square starbucks to find my friend colleague. For my dinner, I have tried Summer Berry Panna cotta! It really very nice! The berry layered with Italian-style pudding. Thank you my friend Qiu Ying asked her colleague to make this new frappucino drink for me to try out. Another snack also very nice is the ham and cheese croissant. OMG! It really damn nice~ Love the ham, the sauces and the cheese…which have melt in my mouth. :p Another one dessert is the Yuzu Citrus Mascarpone Cake. Damn nice! Love the taste of it. Thank you my friend for sharing good foods to me! Next time we will hang out again to eat more delicious foods. I shall end here!

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♥Budget Fashion - Clothes Shopping! :DDD
written on Thursday, April 23, 2015 @ 12:30 PM ∞

I went to HDB neighborhood stall vendor near coffee shop bought all this clothes. All each clothes cost less than $5. O_O I bought a banana snapback (pink) at scape bazaar, It only cost $5. O_O

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♥17.04.2015 - Have a short meet up with my friend WX! :)
written on Monday, April 20, 2015 @ 7:00 PM ∞

I and my friend went to scape Aston for our lunch. After our lunch, we went to scape underground to shop. It's Friday so there was a bazaar going on. We bought a banana snapback for only $5 because of clearing stocks. After that we went to ngee ann city to update my bank book. After that we went to factories fashion outlet, far east plaza, rubi shoes to shop and bought some stuffs home. I shall end here! ^^

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♥Korean Fashion Style - Simple Triangle, Star and Heart Ear Cuffs
written on Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ 5:30 PM ∞

Last month, I have pre order 2 triangle ear cuffs. 1 gold and 1 sliver. 1-2 weeks later, my triangle ear cuffs arrived. Although 1 cost quite expensive, I still don't mind to pay more. I also bought 1 star and heart ear cuffs. I really love the simple triangle ear cuffs. Both gold and Silver are nice but I still prefer gold. SpeXial Simon and BTS have worn it before. Korean fashion style is really trending now days. Shall off now! Cheers...^^

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♥SpeXial 2015 Chinese Magazines Covers! O_O
written on Sunday, April 12, 2015 @ 4:00 PM ∞

I bet that all the SpeXial fans are going to bankrupt soon. I really want all those my color, choco, iwalker, top idol, bang! magazines...but all are really expensive if I buy at Singapore! If someone at Taiwan can help me buy will be much more cheaper and better! 2 of the magazines I have it. One of it was my friend gave it to me as my birthday present. She bought it at Taiwan! Left only 2 magazines! She damn lucky. Another is my friend help me ordered but don't know when the magazine have arrive a not. My house opposite have sell my color magazine but must wait quite a longer time as I saw January issue as I bought it. I want April issue so need to wait don't how many months...LOL. I don't mind to wait! Shall try my luck to see it and must buy it! It will be much more cheaper if I wait for a longer time to buy! :D I shall end here! xoxo :3

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♥IWALKER Cover Exclusive Previews! April - May IWALKER Cover People - 文雨非X晨翔
written on Thursday, March 26, 2015 @ 11:16 AM ∞

4.5月號 ‪愛玩客‬ 封面人 - 文雨非X晨翔
© 愛玩客雜誌 FB

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♥Happy Birthday, SpeXial Wayne!~ 生日快乐, 偉晉!~ :)
written on Monday, March 23, 2015 @ 9:57 PM ∞

Happy Birthday, Wayne!~ ♥ ^^ ♥
生日快乐, 偉晉! ♥ ^^ ♥

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